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» » » » » Amazon Japan 2015 first half-year Book sales ranking (Entertainment)

Amazon Japan has announced 2015 first half-year Book sales ranking (Entertainment). AKB48 group and Nogizaka46 dominates TOP 3. NMB48 member Yamamoto Sayaka (山本彩)'s gravure "SY" ranks no. 1.

Rank no. 1: SY (Yamamoto Sayaka)
Rank no. 2: Dosuru? (Kojima Haruna)
Rank no. 3: Seijun na Otona (Shiraishi Mai)

Reference: Amazon Japan official site

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6 意見

  1. Whaaat, Sayanee's book sold more than Kojiharu's book....

    I'm starting to see Kojima's graduation in the horizon.
    First backing out of the elections; if she were out of the Kami7 or even the media senbatsu her status would receive a huge blow.
    And now being in second for gravure sells, specially when "Dou Suru?" was so.... how can I say, 'strong'?

  2. Re: Guilherme Quintao
    It is hard to put it (or compared) this way, let's see ORICON chart in year's end.
    Some fans said "Dou Suru? sold very well.

  3. Anonymous7/09/2015

    'Dosuru?' may be 'strong' as you mentioned, but Sayaka's 'SY' is better or equal IMO. And clearly many fans agree as well haha. She is more often than not considered the pride and absolute ace of NMB after all, so it's not really surprising to see her receiving strong support.

  4. Remember, these are just Amazon's numbers, and Amazon in Japan is a small player when compared to other online retailers such as Rakuten. I would think that ORICON should be considered the best source for total sales. We know the first week of Sayaka's book sold around 43k copies and that Haruna's book sold over 54k copies. All sales around AKB48 retail items are extremely front loaded so I think "どうする?" will be the winner when ORICON announces year end numbers.

  5. @Paul Cho
    The ORICON chart for this kind of media is released only at the end of the year? That is too far away from now lol.

    Indeed, I forgot how AKB stuff sells a lot, but only on the very first few days. I remember seeing somewhere a chart of AKB's singles sold; over a million sells on first week, less than 10k on second, 2k on 3rd.

  6. Anonymous7/09/2015

    AKB always sells one million first week cos fans pre-order the single when they apply for the HS events.


    yes, you are right ORICON is the major source to compare sales since their numbers are from various cites and places. As for now according to ORICON Kojiharu's PB has sold around 109k , and Sayakas's PB around 94k