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» » » » » » Janken Tournament 2015 will be held on 16 September 2015

The 6th AKB48 group Janken Tournament will be held in Yokohama Arena on 16 September 2015, the prize for the Tournament winner will be solo debut.

The preliminary tournaments will be held in Makuhari Messe on 16 August 2015.

Janken Tournament is AKB48 group’s annual event since 2010, AKB48 group members participated in a bid by Janken (Rock Paper Scissors) game to win a solo debut (1st to 4th tournament's prize was CENTER of a single) for themselves.

Previous Janken Tournament Winners
  1. 1st Janken Tournament (2010): Uchida Mayumi 
  2. 2nd Janken Tournament (2011): Shinoda Mariko (graduated) 
  3. 3rd Janken Tournament (2012): Shimazaki Haruka 
  4. 4th Janken Tournament (2013): Matsui Jurina 
  5. 5th Janken Tournament (2014): Watanabe Miyuki
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    11 意見

    1. Anonymous7/12/2015

      I guess Kodama Haruka or Miyawaki Sakura are going to win this... since it is rigged, and they want to push them. :P But higher bets on Sakura, since she is going to be the next ace.

    2. If Janken tournament is really manipulated, HKT48 members may be the winner, because none of HKT48 member wins Janken.

    3. Anonymous7/12/2015

      Or maybe surprise will happen NGT48 members :)

    4. I find the idea that the Janken Tournament is rigged kind of hard to swallow... there are too many variables that if changed by a tiny bit, will modify the whole result.

      There is too much trouble, both if it goes wrong (somebody forgetting what they should put, a 3rd/4th rower or kenkyuusei with "nothing to lose" going wild), or if it goes right (the whole thing would be a PAIN to coordinate on the fly, too many people, so little time).

      Paraphrasing Hanlon's razor, "Never attribute to malice what can be explained by laziness".

      People see conspiracy theories everywhere.

      1. Anonymous8/20/2015

        they can always rehearse backstage before a match..

    5. Anonymous7/12/2015

      Can they just make it when a person can decide whether to have a solo debut or a center single.

    6. Anonymous7/13/2015

      Last year winner, Watanabe Miyuki, was not really successful with her debut single. Only ranked 5th or 4th in Oricon and selling around 50k. I think it is much preferable and profitable to release regular 16 members-single. Solo debut will not have much of impact unless the single is outstandingly good (Utada Hikaru-tier song)

    7. Anonymous7/13/2015

      Solo singer always sell around 50k at max in the last years... just look at Mayu :I and it's still quite good.

    8. What ... rigged?... and next you're going to tell me that Wrestling is fake!

    9. Anonymous9/16/2015

      @Denny Sinnoh: well janken is not rigged at all but wrestling that's another story and it's totally fake, it's drama

    10. Lol at the first comment
      Janken's rigged huh? When the god of luck is on your side then you'll win and you definitely will, fujita nana won~