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» » » NMB48 13th Single "Must be now" first day sold 222,115 copies

NMB48's 13th single "Must be now" first day sold 222,115 copies, and ranked no. 1 at ORICON daily chart at 6 October 2015, the single has been released at 7 October 2015

"Must be now" first day sold 222,115 copies

Reference: ORICON style

Previous sales record (First day):
  1. Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo (絶滅黒髪少女) : 131,654 copies
  2. Oh My God! (オーマイガー!) : 172,474 copies
  3. Junjou U-19 (純情U-19): 280,367 copies
  4. Nagiichi (ナギイチ): 231,200 copies
  5. Virginity (ヴァージニティー) : 269,386 copies
  6. Kitagawa Kenji (北川謙二): 259,984 copies
  7. Bokura no Eureka (僕らのユリイカ) : 420,906 copies
  8. Kamonegikkusu (カモネギックス): 270,447 copies
  9. Takane no Ringo (高嶺の林檎): 368,719 copies
  10. Rashikunai (らしくない): 324,897 copies
  11. Don't look back!: 381,650 copies
  12. Durian Shonen: 282,242 copies
"Must be now" PV

"Must be now" (Dance ver.) PV

Type A c/w "Yume ni iro ga nai riyuu" PV

Type B c/w "Good-bye, Guitar" PV

Type C c/w "Kataomoi yori mo omoide wo..." PV

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11 意見

  1. Do you think NMB peaked already?

  2. I think the data is skewed, but I don't know by how much. What I mean by that is NMB48 is available on iTunes throughout the world, and to the best of my knowledge no other 48G is on iTunes outside of Japan. I paid a $1.29 for this song on US iTunes, while for the other 48 groups I pay 1524 yen for the CDs I choose to buy. I would love to see total sales data across all distribution platforms but I doubt they would ever make that public.

  3. @Paul, do you think for the comments you could put a system where you can reply to comments? Btw the comments system looks really cool so far.

  4. @ /dev/null and AKBFan
    I am quite surprised (or shocked) by the sales figures, I don't know if it is the release date problem, I just wish tomorrow's sales report will be better.

  5. I don't think they're done for, I just think that this senbatsu + theme isn't what the fans wanted.

  6. @Momo, what do you think fans wanted? As an international fan I loved it but I can perhaps how normal Wota's might not like it. The Senbatsu members were just the best dance members, which is nice for a change.

  7. Anonymous10/07/2015

    Well, it is not a mystery that Handshake tickets are the one that drives sales. The only one who sold all their slots for this single was Sayanee, no wonder the low sales.

  8. Fans want their favourite members - and when members with low popularity join senbatsu (no matter their talent), fans will react.

  9. @Momo, makes sense. I thought this too. Although its a shame the song was really good.

  10. Anonymous10/07/2015

    The song & choreo has too much of k-pop flavour, If the clothes are skimpier it will just like most k-pop mv. I guess it turns a lot of wotas off.

  11. Anonymous10/12/2015

    Sales of Japanese CDs outside Japan are not included in Oricon sales figures and do not contribute to chart positions. If iTunes/Amazon take sales from CDs outside Japan, then Apple/Amazon make more money and AKS/Laugh Out Loud make less, but it won't affect the Oricon chart or stated sales. As far as Oricon are concerned, us gaijin don't count.