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» » » Team Surprise NEW PV Utsukushii kari

AKB48 Team Surprise Bara no Gishiki stage's new song "Beautiful Hunting" (Romaji: Utsukushii kari, Japanese: 美しい狩り) PV has been uploaded on AKB48 official Youtube channel at 6 October 2015.

Beautiful Hunting Selection members

Beautiful Hunting (MV Short Ver.)

Bara no Gishiki stage M13 Beautiful Hunting

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15 意見

  1. Oshiri dance? XD so glad to see some OG members back <3

  2. When I saw the first photo I was like "what, that girl looks just like Oshima Yuko"... then I saw Tomochin and Mariko-sama.

    And sure, AKB has thousands of songs, nobody knows them all; it's not that I never saw/heard this song before, it's that I can't find anything about it anywhere, lol.

    And new song? With these old members? What is going on... they forgot the tape with this PV under a table or something?

  3. @Guilherme The team surprise stuff is always a bit odd. It is heavily sponsored (I think last year's was a Pachinko company) and it is these one off singles that they release with little or no promotion. A lot of the original members show up (Tomomo, Mariko, etc...) CD Japan won't even carry them regularly and if they do have them then they are usually 3 times the price of a regular release. I will see if I can dig up the links for last year's Team Surprise.

  4. Seems pretty strange, in overall.

  5. i think it is Boring to see old member in team surprise i want to see new member i mean new gen in The team surprise

  6. @/dev/null
    Thanks for the info, all I had found about it was something about the 1st and 2nd stage and the pachinko company. It feels more like an outside job that AKB was hired to do, than anything else.

    @نورة الشريف
    I wouldn't go as far as say "boring", but yea... more like 'strange' or 'not much interesting'.
    And sorry if it may sound rude, but I don't know how to pronounce your name... it's just that I like to know the names of others, so I can remember and reply better.

  7. I prefer and enjoy Team Surprise as in Reborn more than old member/ pushed member, less-pushed member in reborn have refreshing vibe to AKB48 pv

  8. Tuberose10/06/2015

    FYI, it's not a new song with old members. It's actually an old song, recorded and filmed on the time when Yuko, Tomochin and Mariko-sama was still in AKB48 and of course Rena was still in SKE48 (can't believe nobody mention her). Just like Team Surprise 1st stage's "Kimi ga Omotteru Yori" and "Heart no Vector" which were released after Acchan graduated like for a year maybe? but recorded and filmed when she was still a member.
    And there's a big chance more songs coming after this one with these four graduated members, so chill and enjoy ;)

  9. Rena cut her hair, it is short now!.. If only Acchan be part of these latter "Surprise" songs!

  10. Mayuyu and her heavenly butt! I never seen her in tight pants, and yes, those curves are very dangerous. I think she has the best oshiri in all of Japan, not just AKB48. AND she is beautiful as heck.

  11. Anonymous10/06/2015

    No one's mentioned Rena? Blasphemy! Haha jokes aside, Rena is still very much my kami-oshi. She's the only reason I even bothered to find out more about the 48 groups in the first place. It's unfortunate but I haven't found anyone new to take her place among the current 48G yet. Not sure I ever will. You guys here have any recommendations? Lol

  12. Great to see the old members back as always - they may have left the group but the AKB has never left them :)

  13. I know this is a "new" video but it seems just like old AKB. Its like they never graduated.

  14. Hurunum10/07/2015

    Minegishi Minami long hair

  15. Anonymous10/07/2015

    It is actually a wig, all these songs were recorded in mid February or March 2013. Like someone said these songs were recorded a long time ago.