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» » Iwasa Misaki announces Graduation

AKB48 Team B member Iwasa Misaki (岩佐美咲) announced her graduation from AKB48 during her solo concert at 30 January 2016.

In the end of the concert, Iwasa Misaki announced she will graduate from AKB48, she said she understands lot of people support her due to AKB48, and understands the future will be harsh, but she said she has decided her career as a enka singer, she explained her feelings of focusing on enka is getting stronger day by day, therefore she has made this decision. She also described she steps a new journey at her 21st birthday just as the concert's title.

Iwasa Misaki held her first Solo Live Concert in Asakusa Public Hall, Tokyo at her 21st birthday (30 January 2016), the concert title was "Time to new Journey from empty train station" (Japanese: 無人駅から 新たなる出発の刻. Romaji: Mujin Eki kara Aratanaru shuppatsu no Toki).

Former AKB48 member Matsui Sakiko (松井咲子) also appeared on the concert, and celebrate her birthday with Iwasa Misaki.

Reference: Nikkan Sports

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