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» » Fei Qinyuan, New Most Beautiful Chinese Woman in 4000 years

SNH48 Team XII member Fei Qinyuan (费沁源) has recently been rated by the Japanese fans as another most beautiful Chinese woman in 4,000 years.

On the other hand, there is another SNH48 member Ju JingYi (鞠婧祎) who was previously rated by Japanese fans as the most beautiful Chinese woman in 4,000 years. Chinese media begins to compare Ju JingYi with Fei Qinyuan.

Fei Qinyuan and Ju JingYi being cover girls of magainze "In Shanghai" (2016.2.4), and magazine's headlines is "4000 years beauties' comparison".

Moreover, media and fans also compares Fei Qinyuan with AKB48 Team B member Watanabe Mayu of  early-era, because Fei Qinyuan wear Mayuyu's signature hairstyle "Twin-tails".

Fei Qinyuan, aged 14, is a member of SNH48's Team XII. Fei Qinyuan is SNH48's 5th generation, joined SNH48 as a Research Student in 2015, and made debut on SNH48 2nd General Election at 25 July 25 2015, and got promoted to Team XII on 4 December 2015.

Fei Qinyuan's official profile:
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