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» » » » Kojima Haruna being Cover Girl of classic novel "Naomi"

AKB48 member Kojima Haruna being cover girl of Japanese masterpiece "Naomi" (Japanese: Chijin no Ai, lit.: A Fool's Love) which is a novel by Japanese writer Tanizaki Junichiro.

This edition is library edition published by Takarajimasha, the edition has been released at 19 February 2016.

"Naomi" library edition cover

"Naomi" was written by Tanizaki Junichiro (1886–1965) in 1924, Osaka's Morning News published the first several chapters of the serial. Four months later, the periodical Female started to publish the remaining chapters. Various Japanese and United States publishers have compiled the chapters and published them as a book since 1947.

Different editions of Naomi

Narrated in the first person by the protagonist, a salaryman named Joji, the novel follows his attempt to groom a Eurasian-looking girl, the titular Naomi, to be a Westernized woman. Naomi is a significant work in its comic depiction of Japanese culture of the era and its fascination with the West. The clash between generations over the more progressive depictions of women, such as Naomi, has been viewed as a clash over Japan's transition into the modern period.

Naomi has been cinematized several times, a notable example being Masamura Yasuzo’s adaptation of Chijin no Ai in 1967.

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