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» » » » Watanabe Mayu to appear on Matsumoto Seicho TV SP

AKB48 member Watanabe Mayu (渡辺麻友) will make an appearance in TV Asahi 2-episodes drama Special "Matsumoto Seicho 2 nights TV Special" (松本清張二夜連続ドラマスペシャル).

Tamura Masakazu and Watanabe Mayu

Watanabe Mayu will cast the character "Yukino" (雪乃) who is a Geisha (or Geigi) in first episode "Chihoshi wo Kau Onna" (地方紙を買う女) of the TV special, the episode will be aired 12 March 2016.

Matsumoto Seicho was one of most popular Japanese writers, he created a new tradition of Japanese detective fiction. The subject of his works was not just the crime but also the society in which the crime was committed.

Chihoshi wo Kau Onna's leading actress is Shioda Yoshiko (cast by Hirosue Ryoko) subscribes to a regional newspaper from Kanazawa, she is waiting for the news of the discovery of the bodies of two lovers who have committed suicide.

Chihoshi wo Kau Onna was adapted to movie as "Kiken na Onna."in 1959, it was it 9th time made into a TV drama since 1957.

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