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» » » » Miyawaki Sakura Recovered from Fever

HKT48 member Miyawaki Sakura (宮脇咲良) updates her Google Plus on 10 March 2016, and mentions she has recovered from fever, she will update her 755 tomorrow (11 March 2016), and she will go to bed early and be prepared for tomorrow.

Miyawaki Sakura wrote:

Good Evening!

I am sorry to cause lot of people inconvenience.

I was infected with influenza, took 4 days off to recuperate, now my temperature is back to normal, and healthy as usual!

I neglected my health management, and it causes lot of troubles, I am sorry.

Thank you Murayama Yuiri to cover me for Team A LIVE in short notice.

While I was in poor health condition, I can feel the support from all of you and receive heart-warming message from fans. Encouragement, fast-recovery, thank you.

Yesterday was Kimi wa Melody's release date!
I never expected I would be infected with influenza on release day... (._.)
Have you listen the single?
I participate Kimi wa Melody, Make noise, Mazariau Mono 3 songs.
It may be first time to participate MV like this... I am really happy.

I will get CD as soon as possible too.

I will update 755 tomorrow as usual!

Therefore, I will go to bed early, to be prepared for tomorrow (11 March 2016).
Good Night.

Bloom Sakura!

Miyawaki Sakura's original G+ post:

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