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» » » » Shimazaki Haruka to appear in NTV Drama

AKB48 member Shimazaki Haruka (島崎遥香) will appear in NTV Drama "Yutori desugananika" (ゆとりですがなにか), it will begin airing 17 April 2016.

The TV drama will be written and directed by Kudou Kankurou (宮藤官九郎), the story is about family, career, love and friendship between Yutori first generation.

Shimazaki Haruka will cast the character Sakama Yutori (坂間ゆとり)

Shimazaki Haruka's character "Sakama Yutori" is younger sister of Sakama Masakazu (cast by Okada Masaki), she is an university student, and currently job searching. She is good at Internet, and Facebook administrator of her family business "Sakama Brewer" (坂間酒造). Sakama Yutori think her brother and family's style is outdated.

Note 1: Yutori originally means 'not to hurry, go slowly or keep time for yourself'.
Note 2: Yutori also refer to Japanese "Yutori generation" for those youngsters who are educated by Yutori teaching method. In recent years, the mass media in Japan have used this phrase to criticize drops in scholastic ability.

Yutori generation is a classification sort of like "Generation Y", are turning out to be a special breed, according to employers who are struggling to fit them into workplaces where older generations hold sway.

Note 3: Yutori education is a Japanese education policy which reduces the hours and the content of the curriculum in primary education.

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Reference: ORICON Style

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