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» » Matsui Jurina signs NEW Agency IRVING

SKE48 member Matsui Jurina announced she signs a new agency "IRVING", it was announced in her Showroom LIVE show on 1 October 2016.

Reference: SKE48 Manger Yuasa Hiroshi's Tweet:

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  1. found!
    and zaka46 news site? could you say adress ^^;

    very thanks for fast back up!!!

  2. Alright, let's hope this one doesn't get copyrighted like the last one

  3. So does she get the typical anti agency treatment that Yusua is famous for? Or will he still favor her and maybe not treat the other girls with agencies like they aren't committed to SKE.

    FYI that question is rhetorical - we know that she will still get favored and he will continue to ignore Suzuran & Sumire or even worse- punish them for their agency.

  4. Anonymous10/02/2016

    Suzuran and Sumire have been in the SKE senbatsu .. how is this being ignored, when there are original SKE members who never ever had the opportunity to dream of being in senbatsu?

    And Sumire by 4x was part of the official Senbatsu ... more than in her life as AKB member,which was only 3 senbatsus she took part (2 were from Janken and 1 with big senbatsu ..that I dont even remember if she was part of the promotions or not ..)

    what made fans to question whether if this would be by influence of her agency or not ... what comes to be ironic considering your comment ..

    They most likely drop from the Senbatsu because of criticism from fans in accepted them as Senbatsu than because Yuasa decided to ignore them ... and considering that they do not sell so well in HS and are not part of the new generation ... well ... why would management piss of fans bec of them ? it's not like they had many reasons ..or any..

    And let's not forget that it's not like SKE is in so well state to be able to promote every member ... I mean .. if even more popular members than Suzuran and Sumire are struggling ... you still expect much for them ?
    At least Suuchan still have solo works..

    I know that people tend to blame Jurina for everything ... but seriously ...

  5. Congrats Paul for the new site! Can't express how relieved I am to see this place back up. Gotta get my daily fix after all lol

    As for Jurina, I think this is more or less the next step in her pursuit of a serious acting career. Hopefully with this, she will be able to continue getting more acting opportunities. I quite enjoyed her recent acting roles so am looking forward to more soon!

    And place but same old problem with people blaming Jurina for every darn thing that is going wrong with SKE. You guys need to stop being so ignorant. I have nothing against Suzuran or Sumire but the fact is they have not been selling despite the chances they have been given. From the perspective of the management (don't forget that this is a business at the end of the day), it is completely understandable why they would be dropped eventually for younger, fresher members who may very well start selling better.

  6. ..Which lead to this question. Which SKE younger/fresher members that sells better than Suzuran/Sumire?

  7. Members like Egochan, Kumachan and Sally are pretty popular in the SKE fandom these days. They definitely seem like a better bet than Ranran and Suuchan at this point IMO.

  8. There is one known fact about Yuasa. His hubris caused SKE big time. SKE≠AKB.

  9. Sumire isn't even popular in SKE lolol she flopped in HS and fans doesn't recieve her well. Neither is Ranran popular. It have nothing to do with their agencies.

    Irving is actually a small modeling agency that Mariyagi belong to so I don't know how well this will help Jurina. If members like Aya can get offers from big broadcast company, Jurina definitely would get offers from bigger ones too. Rena got transfered to Glick, a subsidiary of Burning the biggest agency in Japan, and they focus on her acting....I wonder why AKS would send her contract to Irving unless it makes it easy to manage her solo activities but still allow AKS to control her career....

  10. Jun is no where near a good an actress as Rena though. Jun is really off and on with her acting so I don't know if some big company is gonna want her just yet...