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» » Results of the Senbatsu Selection Survey

In previous site, Mr. Rick Silvers did a survey about how fans think about AKB48 group's single Senbatsu Selection, and today Mr. Silvers has posted the survey results

Mr. Rick Silvers wrote:

I received a very good response to this survey, 482 surveys were completed in 72 hours.

Slightly more than half of the respondents (266 people) said “No”, the announced lineup does not affect their choice about buying the single.

Concerning this question, it seems center is just a bit more important than the overall senbatsu announcement to those that responded, but by a very close margin (254 to 228), most people say that the center announcement does not affect their choice about whether or not to buy the single.

This question was basically the first two questions rephrased to ask respondents about how their unhappiness with the senbatsu/center selection affected the amount to which they would “buy into” the single .  The majority here (193 responses) was that the respondent didn’t care about the senbatsu/center and would buy the song based on their enjoyment of the single.

Coming in 2nd (85 responses) was “Don’t buy any copies at all”.  The third most popular choice was “Illegally download”(80 responses), which I suspect covers people that both didn’t like the senbatsu/center selection as well as those who don’t care about the senbatsu/center selection.  Fourth place (73 responses) was just “buy one or two copies”, and fifth (33 responses) was “buy all versions anyway”.  The “other” choice (18 responses) with a free form data answer was usually a combo of two of the other choices though one respondent asked me to contact them, but left no contact information.

For those that responded, Thank you!  I do appreciate it and hope to work with Paul again in the future to create more of these to get a clearer picture about how the fans feel about about hot button items like this.

-Rick Silvers

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