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» » » Shimazaki Haruka Official Graduation Announcement

For member Shimazaki Haruka's graduation, AKB48 official blog has posted the hand-written announcement by Shimazaki Haruka on 3 October 2016.

To fans

I, Shimazaki Haruka, announced my graduation from AKB48 during "Baitoru" a new CM press conference today.

Some medias leaked the information, I think it may cause fans worried, and I am relieved I am able to announce it myself today.

My AKB48 activities will be until 31 December 2016. Before that day, I want to try my best to participate activities as an idol. I hope you can keep supporting me.

3 October 2016
AKB48 Yokoyama Team A
Shimazaki Haruka

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4 意見

  1. Thanks for the updates @Paul, this's indeed an sad but not an unacceptable/shocking news for Paruru oshi's. My kami-oshi finally announce it :( .
    Well just pray for her in her future career and keep on support her latest drama/show. Paruru ganbatte !!!

  2. no doubt she is one of the most beautiful girl in the world. but for me, she was difficult to understand. seems lazy on the live show. salty to people. getting sick easily. sad when she win, smile when she loose janken (2014). from my view she always looks unhappy doing her activity. she only open herself to beloved tomochin and 9th gen fellow. i pray this graduation will bring her happiness.

  3. Glad she's leaving. She never seems to enjoy idol works. She's unprofessional and act moody when she have to do things she doesn't like like a child. She ungrategul and act like she can't stand idol fans even though those fans she think are "gross" are the ones voted for her and gave her a career. It's fine to be unconventional but not when it's unprofessional. Her leaving mean it will give the spot to another girl who would appreciate the chances given to her.

  4. ^ dude, you never seen her cry then don't you. I'm not even her oshi . but one think i know, shimazaki haruka is an idol and she love it. management would never back up anyone who doesnt love her job as they do with paruru. she is an amazing idol, and i wish her the best for her graduation.