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» » » » » » 41st single "Halloween Night" staff version MV Performer List confirmed

AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi has announced AKB48 41st single "Halloween Night" staff version MV. The 16 selection performers from 302 applications as following:

CENTER is Inoue Yoshimasa

16 selection performers of "Halloween Night" staff version MV
  1. Inoue Yoshimasa (井上ヨシマサ)
    Song writer, arranger for AKB48 songs
  2. Makino Anna (牧野アンナ)
    Choreography master, in charge of choreography for AKB48 and SKE48
  3. SEIGO
  4. Saeki Mika (佐伯美香)
    Staff of AKS general affair department
    Part-time AKB member
    Former TeamB member
  5. Makino Akihiro (牧野彰宏)
    AKS Management Production Manager
  6. Kayano Shinobu (茅野しのぶ)
    OSARE company, AKB48 group general manager
  7. Togasaki Tomonobu (戸賀崎智信)
    OTB, AKB48 group customer center chief officer
  8. Shiba Tomoya (芝智也)
    SKE48 theater manager
  9. Ozaki Atsushi (尾崎充)
    HKT48 theater manager
  10. Imamura Etsuro (今村悦朗)
    AKS NGT48 theater manager
  11. Yuasa Hiroshi (湯浅洋)
    AKS SKE48 Theater manager
  12. Kaneko Takeshi (金子剛)
    Yoshimoto Creative Agency NMB48 theater manager
  13. Kitagawa Kenji (北川謙二)
    North River Representative Director
  14. Hiroyuki Aoki (青木宏行)
    kobunsha Entertainment editor-in-chief, FLASH Special editor-in-chief
  15. Matsumura Takumi (松村匠)
    AKS Representative Director
  16. Takahashi Eiki (高橋栄樹)
    Director of DOCUMENTARY of AKB48
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10 意見

  1. "Bah, I don't like the center".

    I guess it's the first time I can join the complain-train and say that, lol.

    I wanted either Togasaki Tomonobu or Kayano Shinobu as center, heh.

  2. um... I guess Inoue Yoshimasa being CENTER because he has new album
    TGSK seems impossible, I guess the management does not like him.

  3. Anonymous7/11/2015

    No after his scandal

  4. @Paul Cho
    The management doesn't like him? How? Isn't he like, PART of the management, since the beginning?

  5. @Anonymous
    He had a scandal? LOL, how? I really don't pay attention to scandals and such things.... management can't date either? heh.

  6. Re: Guilherme Quintao
    Shukan Bunshun reported TGSK took some kind of herb (Not illegal, but kinda not good to AKB48 brand image) in 2013. However, to me, it seems it is just excuse.

  7. Anonymous7/12/2015

    He also was spotted with a college student leaving a hotel.

  8. Hum, didn't know about any of that. So he has fallen on AKB political ladder... and haven't come back yet?
    Seems it takes more time for staff to bounce back than the girls, heh.

  9. Anonymous7/16/2015

    ^He will never bounce back, until Shinobu retires, and everyone knows she is the heart of the staff members :P Demotion is real in Japan. :D Just watch Mayu's drama xD

  10. So glad Mikachi is in the MV and working as AKS staff! ^^