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» » Shimazaki Haruka stays in hospital for few days

AKB48 member Shimazaki Haruka (島崎遥香) updated her 755 at 30 September 2015, and she wrote that she will stay in hospital for few days.

Shimazaki Haruka mentioned she went to hospital and 29 September 2015 because she really felt bad and apologized to her fans for unable to update 755, she also wrote she did photo shooting job at 30 September 2015, and she will go to hospital at 2 October 2015 and stay there to rest for few days .

Shimazaki Haruka's original 755 post:

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9 意見

  1. her asthma must be a serius type

  2. thank u for the translation
    but , seems like ur translation must be improve in the next day , because when i read this article , its still hard too understand it.
    thank u before

  3. Maybe it's better if she stays in the hospital until she's fully recovered because if she goes there only for a short while and decide to work again, her asthma would attack her again :( well get well soon paruur

  4. @Payuyu oshi
    If you want her to stay in the hospital until fully recovered... then bye-bye AKB. Serious asthma doesn't have a real cure, all you can really do is learn your triggers and wait months or years for it to become weaker (but never gone).

    Took my brother over 10 years to get well enough to live normally (he just need to watch out for an overdose of his triggers). We know others who took even longer and one that still has it (she is 43 now).

  5. Anonymous10/01/2015

    Poor Paruru, pray for her to fully recover...

  6. She seems like glass, so fragile...I hope she gets well...

    @Guilherme Quintao
    Your brother is a she?

  7. @ Guillherme Quintao: I didn't know that asthma is incurable :( my mother used to have asthma but it seems like her asthma stopped attacking her so i thought that asthma could be cured and it would disappear as time went by. Anyway if that's the case ._. i guess paruru should just take care of herself all the time *sighs* this is so hard

  8. @Rika A
    No lol, the 'she' I mentioned is a woman we know that has asthma attacks since childhood until now.

    @Payuyu oshi
    The symptoms usually fade to almost nothing, given time. Do you know which are your mother's triggers?
    Nowadays my brother lives normally like everyone else, but if he eats a lot of heavily industrialized food (some of the chemicals in it) or do heavy physical exercise (the heavy/fast breathing) he can and did get a couple attacks in the last 5 years (I had to rush him to the hospital, since he doesn't have any medicine for it anymore, because he is 'cured').

    I wonder what are Paruru's triggers.... on women, stress is a common one.

  9. I really hope our beloved Paruru's health returns to normal levels. I miss her but her health comes first. She is truly unique, both in looks and personality. Her aura and charisma only increases as time goes by.