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» » » Kato Minami to cast Ryugu Rena in TV "When They Cry"

NGT48 first TV drama "When They Cry - Higurashi" main cast has been revealed in NGT48 Theater on 27 February 2016.

Ryugu Rena (竜宮レナ): Kato Minami (加藤美南)

Ryugu Rena's real name is Ryugu Reina, she is one of the most important characters in the When They Cry series, Rena has an obsession with all things cute and will often try to take those things home with her.

Sonozaki Shion (園崎詩音)/Sonozaki Mion (園崎魅音): Nakai Rika (中井りか)

Sonozaki Shion and Sonozaki Mion are twin sisters, Shion is well-known for her spectacular mental breakdown in Meakashi-hen, on the other hand Mion is more mentally stable and tomboyish one.

Hojo Satoko (北条沙都子): Seiji Reina (清司麗菜)

Hojo Satoko never understands why her mother repeatedly married and divorced various men. In fact, she could never decide whether or not she actually likes her mother, since their relationship are far from perfect. Her special skill is to trap-making. 

Furude Rika (古手梨花): Honma Hinata (本間日陽)

Furude Rika is the special character of 07th Expansion universe. In When They Cry series, Furude Rika is the daughter of the late shinto priest of Hinamizawa. She is the current shrine priestess of the Furude Shrine.

Takano Miyo (鷹野三四): Kitahara Rie (北原里英)

Takano Miyo appears to be a nurse, but actually she has special mission in When They Cry series.

Mysterious Girl: Takakura Moeka (高倉萌香)

Reference: When They Cry official page

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