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» » » Nogizaka46 members' 2-dimensional boyfriends

7 Nogizaka46 members talked about their 2-dimensional boyfriends in TV show "Nogizaka under Construation" dated 6 March 2016.

Ikoma Rina (生駒里奈)'s 2-dimensional boyfriend is Tachibana Makoto (橘真琴) of Japanese anime "Free!", because she find him strong and gentle character.

Unfortunately, she accidentally broke her poster

Hashimoto Nanami (橋本奈々未)'s 2-dimensional boyfriend is Jean Havoc of Japanese ACG "Fullmetal Alchemist", because Jean has such of rotton luck with women, that she does not worry he would have any affairs, and he will take care his buddy.

But, Hashimoto Nanami hates cigarette

Akimoto Manatsu (秋元真夏)'s 2-dimensional boyfriend is Kaieda Jun of Japanese manga "Otoko no Issho", because Kaieda Jun is a mature guy.

Wakatsuki Yumi (若月佑美)'s 2-dimensional boyfriend is Kaneki Ken (金木研) of Japanese manga/anime series "Tokyo Ghoul", because it is a lot of Kaneki's crying scenes in the series.

Terada Ranze (寺田蘭世)'s 2-dimensional boyfriend is Sata Kyouya (佐田恭也) of Japanese manga/anime "Wolf Girl and Black Prince". Though Sata Kyouya would treat his girlfriend as his dog, Terada Ranze said it is ok, because she loves psycho very much.

Inoue Sayuri (井上小百合)'s 2-dimensional boyfriend is Gosei Knight of live-action TV drama "Tensou Sentai Goseiger", because she finds his lone-wolf character and strength are attractive.

No mouth

Higuchi Hina (樋口日奈)'s 2-dimensional boyfriend is Fujimaru Sho (藤丸翔) of manga "Highteen Boogie", because she finds he is very cool (Quiff hairstyle + Leather Jacket + Motorcycle), moreover he can do everything for his girlfriend.

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