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» » » AKB48 42nd single will be released on 9 December 2015

AKB48's upcoming 42nd single will be released on 9 December 2015, the release date is the next day after AKB48's 10th anniversary, the single will be member Takahashi Minami's last AKB48 single.

AKB48 has announced the news in handshake event

42nd single will be Takahashi Minami's last AKB48 single

Takahashi Minami also shares the news on her official twitter:
Pre-order at CDJapan:

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16 意見

  1. I really wonder if (hope) Takamina will be the CENTER of her last AKB48 single, but CENTER and selection members have not been revealed yet.

  2. @ Paul Cho: I think it's gonna be takamina just like matsui rena she became center, yea but i hope it's really takamina

  3. Anonymous9/27/2015

    @Paul Cho
    High possibility that will be Takamina, if not Takamina fans will riot Akb48 management lol (just kidding). But really hope is Takamina...

  4. Anonymous9/27/2015

    probably acchan will guestcenter it

  5. Why would Acchan be a guest center... that makes no sense.

    Takamina was the original, first center of AKB. It's completely fitting that she is the center both for this reason as for it being her last single.
    If she isn't, I'll have to take a plane and personally slap the whole staff until they get some sense in their heads.

  6. Anonymous9/27/2015

    No, she wasn't. Acchan was the first center of AKB then was Acchan and Takamina until mgm started to push her back.

    1. Anonymous9/27/2015

      Look it up. Takamina centered Sakura no Hanabiratachi.

  7. How about Double CENTER? or Triple CENTER?

  8. Anonymous9/27/2015

    Guilherme is correct - Takamina was the original center of Team A back during A1 days, before Acchan became the "official center" during A2 with Nagisa no Cherry.

  9. Tuberose9/27/2015

    Yeah Takamina was the original center but then Aki-p decided that Acchan was more suitable.
    I'm 100% sure Takamina will be the solo center haha and maybe Acchan, Yuko, Mariko-sama, Tomo-chin will appear as a guests in either the single or c/w or Takamina graduation song.

  10. @Paul Cho
    Lol, how does the geometry of a triple center work? If there is 3 people in the front, 1 is in the middle while 2 are on the side; it will look like a normal center, heh.
    I tried to imagine 'multiple center' formations before, it always makes somebody look like a 'true center' with others as 'secondary center'. I even tried to imagine multiple floors/levels but the image still didn't work, heh

  11. I bet it will be Takamina center
    and hopefully Kojiharu & Miichan (remaining 1st gen) position in the formation will be right behind Takamina (2nd row)
    and I don't care whoever on the 3rd row xD

    also please at least include all remaining 2nd & 3rd gen member in the senbatsu, tho sadly I know it will be impossible heheh

  12. Amina8889/27/2015

    I bet it will be Takamina CENTER, I wonder if Kojima Haruna and Minegishi Minami will be joining her in the first row... Also I wonder if the two of them or maybe just Haruna will graduate with her, you know annoucing it the very last minute or not annoucing it at all before and than suprise graduation! I think it would be trolling NyanNyan style, don't you? :)

  13. Takamine leave AKB the 8th december, she can't be the center

  14. @CanZ
    I really, really, really, REALLY want it to have Miichan and Kojiharu by Takamina's side too.

    I have been kind of expecting/fearing that Kojiharu and Miichan would announce their graduations for a while now.

    You guys know what would be really trolling? If Kojiharu made another fake graduation announcement and in the end "just kidding... it's actually Miichan" or the other way around.

  15. Anonymous9/27/2015

    Haha people who think that Acchan = AKB.
    Sorry guys, but in the whole AKB history, the real MVP, The soul of AKB is Takamina. Acchan was just an Ace.

    We want a last CENTER for Takamina. She desevers it more that anyone. If Rena got one, it will so... Idk how to say that... But Takamina have to get one.

    Ps: My oshi is Tani, im not Takamina Oshimen. x)