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» » » AKB48 "Marathon Club" Re-Start

DeNA Channel official channel has uploaded a video of AKB48 Marathon Club which said the club re-starts activities. AKB48 Marathon Club is sponsored by DeNA Running Club.

AKB48 Marathon Club official page:
AKB48 "Marathon Club" resumes activities

On the other hand AKB48 Marathon Club has new collaboration campaign with MYCODE, details please visit official page:

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4 意見

  1. Shimada has gotten prettier and prettier lately. She lost a lot of weight (baby fat?) and she truly deserves to rank at least, she is a hardworking girl. Am I the only one who thinks she could be a future Takamina? I can tell she has some leader qualities.
    I wish Akicha would go back to long hair, I think it suits her better. Her voice is so soothing.
    I'm glad that both Shimada and Akicha are getting more exposure!

  2. @ Jsprite: I totally agree she's cute and she's really hardworking, I always wondered why she never ranked although she's got lots of loyal fans though. I hope that more people notice her and hopefully next year she would rank. She's a great leader too i think she's vice captain atm? I won't be surprised if she becomes captain next time ^^

  3. Anonymous9/27/2015

    no yokomichi yuri no play

  4. Anonymous9/28/2015

    Shimada is my Oshimen.
    I was really sad when she didn´t rank this year, again.

    Maybe we her fans don´t have enough votes?
    Maybe many people vote for her, but only small amounts?
    While others get large quantities of votes by only a few fans.
    I don´t know, bt I want to meet her someday!